How to index your website in Google manually

How to index your website in Google manually

There are already many companies that tell us how to index your website in Google manually. For companies that do not appear in the search results of the search engines or want to improve their positioning.

There is a tool for this, which Google provides to us through the webmaster link and that we will share with you today.

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Before leaving the link, comment that it is very important to keep your website optimized, a current structure, they are a responsive system, we create quality SEO content, meta tags ... if you need advice, you can contact our team of SEO Positioning experts in Google and they will carry out an analysis of the website of your company or online store: Contact.

Upload web page to Google

You can register your website directly at:

As we mentioned earlier, it is useless if you do not have your website optimized and follow a series of steps with the google master tools, such as sending the sitemaps so that the google spider links to all the content on your website and speeds up the process SEO positioning in search engines.

Our first recommendation is to mount a system Responsive for your page it is, that is, a structure that adapts to mobile devices and tablets. Google is penalizing web pages that do not mount this system since April 2015. We started mounting them in 2012, and today we continue to renew web sites, our customers ask us renew your website.

Indexing web pages in search engines

Another of the strong points that has given us better results when it comes to being in first place in search engines is the renewal of the web structure, where we assemble the latest systems HTML 5 and CSS. A dynamic and current website is very important both in the eyes of your customers, as it inspires trust and for Google. Within this structure we create all the recommendations that Google advises, we are up to date to offer the best personalized proposal to each client.

We must not forget the quality of the content, something that we can review and improve. Our tools are able to know if positions are penalizing you for bad content, duplicate content, we can know which page is copying the content since many times the competition creates this type of strategy.

Conclusions: SEO indexing of web pages

So far our article today, if you have any questions you can tell us, we will advise you without obligation and we will prepare a personalized budget for what you need.

Our digital marketing agency, working to offer the best services.

Greetings from the team of AppDesign.

How to index your website in Google manually
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