How to customize the WordPress control panel

by Oliver - Updated on August 2, 2019

If you're a web designer, you may have wondered how to customize the wordpress control panel for your customers' website.

How to customize the WordPress control panel

You can then customize access for your customers through your web design company.

How to customize the wordpress login control panel

  1. Install the plugin Slate Pro

    Go to the official plugin download page to install it in your WordPress control panel.

  2. Activate the plugin

    Once activated, you will see an additional plug-in control panel in the side menu.

  3. Set the options you need

    Once you access the plugin's control panel, you will see different options.

  4. Customize the login admin screen

    To customize the wordpress login page, go to Slate Pro --> Branding --> login page. Here you can change the login logo and background image to your company's.

  5. Conclusions

    One of the most complete logins to modify all the options of the internal control panel of WordPress.

If you need help for custom modifications without plugins, contact our team of programmers. We do custom modifications for wordpress.

We do all kinds of custom modifications for WordPress, take a look at installing a notification bar without WordPress plugins.

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