How to attract customers online?

Oliver Guirado Martínez - Updated on February 12, 2020

We teach you the steps you need to know about how to attract customers online on a regular basis. This is a digital marketing method where we attract new customers and that works best for us, both for our company and the strategies we launch to our customers.

If you do not have resources and have all the time in the world, you can follow this strategy that over 10 years, is the one that has worked best for us attract customers online.

Steps to develop your digital marketing strategy

Strategy to attract customers to your company online, reach more customers with your website on the Internet.

  1. Attract online traffic to our website

    The first point, would be the key of the process, so all companies spend all their resources in the process of creating traffic to your website. If you do not have a website, this is your moment, contact us to create your website professional.

  2. Capturing leads

    Learn how to get clients on a recurring basis.

  3. Maturation of leads

    Time from the customer contacts you until he buys a product or service.

  4. Customer Conversion

    Key point to have a profitable business.

  5. Customer Satisfaction

    The most effective way to grow in user experience

  6. Apply Up Selling and Cross Selling

    Offer everything your client needs.

  7. Reference Marketing

    Your customer's satisfaction after the job is done matters.

1. Attract online traffic to our website

  • Organic SEO positioningThe aim is to get customers naturally, without paying. Attracting customers from the Internet in an organic way, that is, positioning our product or service in the top positions of Google's search engine or any other. A process that will take a lot of time and effort, must be done by creating constant quality content on your website, linking and optimizing your website every day. Do not forget to have an optimized web design and structure, for this, we always recommend web design services from a experienced professional designer.
  • Social networkingSocial Networking: creating social networks for create content and get a flow of new customers following your brandTo achieve this, you will have to put all your efforts into publishing new content every week and linking it to the main themes (Hashtag).
  • Paid advertisements: to carry out campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook or Instagram This is usually the fastest method of gaining customers, and we can test and optimise our keywords according to the customer conversion you provide.

2. Capturing Leads

To offer a service or product to attract customers that can increase your company's database, in order to increase your flow of customers who will receive news, events or services through email marketing.

A customer may come to your website by chance or in search of information, here comes the capture of leads. Perhaps, this customer does not need any services, but the inclusion of a Newsletter for your website will be able to generate an end customer in the future. For them we will implement a subscription system that collects the emails of your potential future customers.

Don't forget to ask for the contact details of the users who browse your website and of course, comply with the LOPD (Organic Law on Data Protection) both in the forms and in the sending of campaigns. In our agency AppDesign, we have the necessary experience to create data-protection-compliant web pages.

3. Maturation of Leads

The maturation of leads, is the process that takes place from the moment the customer subscribes to your newsletter until he becomes a final customer.

To make a good process of maturation of leads, we will need to guide our user to offer a personalized service. Once catalogued, we now know if our client needs marketing services, web design, application development ... so we can offer a service tailored.

Some interesting strategies to capture leads, you can see them in the blog of Maria Melchior.

4. Conversion of potential customers

Once we know the target of our customers, we can make email campaigns. Each client is different, so in our web design agency, we like to study each project independently.

In order to offer the best possible service, our company carries out a customised study for each user. This leads to higher costs, due to the time spent website budgetbut it translates into a better user experience and therefore, satisfaction of our customers.

5. Customer Satisfaction

Once the service is finished, we can never say that the work is finished. The constant improvement by the users is infinite.

Our web design services also include SEO positioning services, hosting servers, web page maintenance, extension of functions and application development. If the client needs these services and you do not offer them, he will look for another company. Therefore, it is important to build up client loyalty, to offer everything he needs.

Don't leave your users in the lurch. Answer their questions, give them advice and find ways to improve their experience.

6. Apply Up Selling and Cross Selling

Up Selling is a sales optimization system very useful in e-commerceThe online store shows the customer similar or more profitable products for your business. In other words, we can say that the store will try to persuade customers to choose products in which it has more profit margin. What has always been known as "selling what we care about".

A clear example, if we have an online photo shop and our client buys a camera, the best strategy would be to offer as recommended products SSD cards, camera backpacks or camera components

The cross sellingThe "sell more" concept is based on offering the buyer of an online store several "complementary" products.

7. Reference Marketing

We may think this is the end of our work, error! It's the beginning of a long road where you'll have to take care of your brandEvery opinion and service offered will become a future attraction for new customers thanks to "word of mouth".


Never stop learning, in our web development company we are in full contact with the fourth revolution. The world is changing fast and it is something that motivates us every day to achieve the best results and help companies grow in the new era.

Remember to put yourself in the hands of an expert, who will help you optimize your time and create the best strategy for your business.

In our company AppDesign, we are experts in web design and application development, if you need advice to start with your idea or improve your business, please contact us:

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