Graphic design agency for companies

Graphic design studio

We are an agency of graphic designers for companies. We design your advertising campaigns with banners, logo design for companies, business cards and personalised images. Contact our team of graphic designers to prepare a budget for the services you need. We design in all types of formats for companies.

In our graphic design studio, we design your custom brand image. Increase your sales with an exclusive and professional work, fully customised. We study what sells the most and it works. So, take advantage of our knowledge and experience. Ask us without obligation!

Graphic design agency for companies

Digital and business graphic design

Brand Design & Naming

Nowadays it is not enough to carry out marketing campaigns, you will need a good design of your company, several studies have shown that it is possible to increase sales by more than 40% with a professional design adapted and customized to your services or products.

Create your brand, define the image of your company with our digital marketing services.

We work all formats, Design of brochures for campaigns, business cards for your company, dossiers, advertising flyers, catalogues, leaflets, polyptychs, packaging, posters and advertising.

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Advantages of Graphic Design for your company 2019

What does your company transmit through its brand image?

At AppDesign. we care about investing in research, carrying the graphic design to the next level Several studies show that several companies that sell the same products with the same campaigns have different benefits. When studying the corporate image or branding of each company it is important to create a graphic design for each campaign according to several points, such as products, sales channels, type of customers, etc.

We update each day to offer you the best service. The current graphic design trends that the public demands the most and the highest efficiency produced in a company and usually vary every year. This year, the blurred funds are taken to give a striking touch to the exposed product. If there is, a key point is simplicity. Today, it is the most effective, clear and simple design. Where your services are offered, it will be highly valued by the customer. The clearest example we have in the Google logo, before with Rounded edges and now completely flat.

Evolving and changing with the latest trends will make us have a brand image where our customers will trust.

Best graphic design studio in 2019

The constant evolution makes us have to be updated with current trends and consumers. Being able to carry out an effective online marketing campaign leads us to have a prior well defined corporate image before. According to the latest studies in graphic design schools, a company that is not updated can reduce its sales by more than 20%, while the benefits can increase in an updated company by more than 30%.

Our team will advise you on the best way to reach your customers through a current graphic design. Through the form, we will know the key points to make a personalised sketch for your campaign.

Our years of experience in the sector make our customers repeat and stay in permanent contact with us to inform them of errors and failures in their marketing strategies. We not only offer a service, but also exclusive advice for each client.

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