Google Florida algorithm update 2 - March 2019

Google Florida 2 algorithm update

One of the strong ones arrives, the update of the Google Florida 2 algorithm in March 2019. What will change? How does it influence our web pages? Will my web page be penalized with the new Google algorithm change?

We have seen in the Danny Twitter account of Mr. Danny Sullivan, the confirmation that Google is updating its algorithm. He called it another broad core update,?, So I stayed. And it is that the technological giant does not stop changing. It states that the type of company that operates today is not linear, if not exponential. Consequently, we are constantly updating and improving our web pages to be competitive in a rapidly changing world.

Brett Tabke of PubCon received a notice from Google that a major update was on the way. It was decided in advance to call it the update of the algorithm of Google Florida 2. Google made it clear that this update is important and great, we have to analyze what will happen in the coming weeks.

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In this same post we will update the content at the end of the page. Google Florida 2's big algorithm change came on March 13.

How big is this Google update?

algorithm changes google florida 2

Based on what I've been able to investigate, this update is quite important. It is still impossible to know to what extent and to what web pages it affects. The information I could see is that this update is one of the biggest updates in years.

Previously, when a big change occurred in Google's algorithm, it generally meant incorporating something that profoundly changed the ranking of web pages. Last year's update incorporated what Google called Neural Matching.

Therefore, it may be reasonable to assume that something on this scale has been implemented, judging by the confidential information I have read.

What is the goal of this kernel update?

A broad core update means that Google is not targeting any particular niche or signal, as was the case with the medical sector through the latest update with Medical update. In a broad-core algorithm update, Google isn't targeting anything in particular.

Some professionals in the SEO industry talk about Google, commenting that it will affect specific industries. However, Google's John Mueller has consistently denied that broad-core updates focus on specific niches.

Broad general updates do not target websites, niches, or qualities. That is why Google has said that in general updates, there is nothing to fix.

The best approach to understanding a broad core update is to let go of preconceptions that Google is targeting niches or low page quality. You have to analyze every aspect of your website.

How to respond to a general update

I have reviewed many websites that have been affected by general kernel level updates.

A common problem I have discovered is what seems to me to be a change in the way Google interprets a search query. This can affect how a page is classified.

Many other factors can also affect the ranking of a web page, such as links. Links are still a very important ranking factor and we will see how it affects improving or penalizing web pages.

What is a broad core upgrade?

Extensive core updates are enhancements to Google's general algorithm in order to better understand search queries and web pages.AND

These improvements help Google to match search queries with web pages and improve user satisfaction, once again, by improving the user experience, specifically the web page design with ux ui.

It can be said that the main objective of all general main updates has been to improve the user experience.Brett Tabke called this update Florida Update 2

Why is the Google update called Florida 2?

Google's Florida Update was important in the early 2000s. It was so named because the algorithm change coincided with the Pubcon Florida SEO conference.

This update also coincides with that conference, so Brett Tabke, founder of Pubcon and WebmasterWorld, decided that this update will be called Google Florida Update 2 . WebmasterWorld has traditionally named Google updates.

What should we do with our website?

If you don't have an app, create one! As basic as it may be, you will thank us in the future, if you need help, contact our colleagues app developers. The trend is fulfilled and increasingly, web pages lose strength, while apps continue to grow. It is estimated that by 2025 we will only connect through apps.

If you want our team of experts create your website, with the latest trends in web design, request a quote.

Sullivan offered the March 12, 2018 pre-orientation on comprehensive general updates. That guide was a statement made in a tweet that there is nothing we can do:

Here's what that tweet said:

“There is no solution for pages that may underperform than focusing on creating great content. Over time, it is possible that your content may increase in relation to other pages «.

In my opinion, what this may mean is that it can be about content and / or links to search queries. It is a major change in Google's algorithm.

That makes it difficult to identify why a page is no longer in the top positions. But from my analysis of web pages that lost rankings, those clues are there, and we will see them soon.

Latest news on the algorithm change of Google Florida 2

We will be publishing in real time, the main movements and displacement that can give us clues about what has affected the new algorithm, you can leave us your opinion as a comment, on your website or any other, sharing any information is important to update us on the right track. ✌️

  • March 14: no changes that move web page positions ...
  • March 15: Our changes have been detected in the way that the search engine shows the contents, next Sunday March 17 we will confirm these changes with percentages that are currently affecting it.
  • March 17: percentage in the SERPs with the highest volatility.

Local SEO: down 0.02 points.
Rich Shard: Up 0.02 points.
Featured News wins the battle by climbing 0.55 points.

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Give us your opinion and how your website is evolving, if you noticed any movement that we have to be aware of. Any information we can share will be helpful.

Google Florida 2 algorithm update
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