Website designer: Everything you need to know

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Find a Web designer  To create your web page. The most convenient is to locate a freelance web designer capable of working remotely from any city.

Nowadays, it is not important to hire a Web designer located in one of the cities of Spain, Madrid or Barcelona. In order to follow up on the work you have raised, there are many tools.

Website designers

We work for everyone, having most of our projects carried out in Madrid and Barcelona. We have also worked as web designers in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Ibiza and even outside Spain, Switzerland, China, Colombia and Mexico.

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Freelance web designer working remotely: Prices

There is no specific estimated price for a web designer. The cost per hour is usually around € 25 for a junior designer who works in CMS like WordPress. For an expert designer up to € 70, for a server programmer based on Linux. Therefore, we study each project in a personalized way and give a personalized price as needed by each client. You also have a calculate price website made by our company.

The steps to follow to find a designer. One of them is to check the many job boards on the web. You should consult the work done and request a free quote. The work of a quality designer will create the confidence necessary to work in the long term.

You can also check in search engines and locate all those agencies that are dedicated to providing this service web design with WordPress. You can even ask based on the design of a Web page I like you. The data of the developer that will create the web, so that you can get in touch with him. To facilitate the portfolio and make a budget based on what you require.

How to choose a good web designer?

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In each of Spain's cities, it's important to align your website with the current GDPR privacy policy and get an idea of what to look for when picking a websites designer. A web designer should be able to create your expectations and achieve a job that is not only satisfactory for you, but for users. The end customer will be responsible for the conversions.

To achieve good results it is important that you follow some advice recommended by specialists in the field:

  • Ask the designer or agency to hire you to present your portfolio. So that you have the opportunity to see their work in detail and you can make an analysis with solid bases.
  • Don't look for a single option, even if you're surprised at the first thing they present to you. The most convenient thing is that you ask for several offers to be able to decide on the best proposal, the one that fits what you need.
  • Ask the designer to provide you with several job references from previous clients, so that you can consult their way of working, because it is not about understanding codes, but rather being a responsible person.

In general, a websites designer must have knowledge about programming languages (Php, Java, Python), and about Website layout with Bootstrap (Javascript, CSS, HTML). Also on the manipulation of data through monitors and follow the phases of SEO positioning.

You must be a professional willing to listen to proposals, to incorporate what you, as a client, propose. That is able to deliver advances when you need it under the agreed price. With a previous design agreed before starting as for example the one of the web creation for online consulting and management.

Other options to create web pages

Before making a final decision for the design of your Web page, it is important that you know all the alternatives you have available. Content management systems, known as CMS (for its acronym in English) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento, which allow the pages to be scalable.

It is worth studying all the key points and weaknesses of all those platforms that are within your reach, such as:

  • CMS platforms to design web pages, are a set of intuitive tools that allow us to create web pages with manageable control panel. All the elements that are necessary. The advantage is that we can quickly achieve interesting and fairly simple options. The disadvantage is that the page will always depend on the platform we select.
  • Learn to create a web page yourself, This basically consists of taking one or several courses to be able to specialize in the subject and achieve the web page by your own means and knowledge. We do not advise this point, unless you have time and your company is an undeveloped idea. The advantage is the price, but the disadvantage of this alternative is that this implies an investment of time and the final result will not be made based on a professional, something that will have an impact on your brand image. 
  • Hire an agency or web designer, is one of the most popular options. It consists of deciding on those who present us with the best alternative based on our budget and our needs. Based on the objectives of the company or organization. The most important advantage is that the page will certainly be consistent with what we request professionally.


Any of the options is valid, but it will depend on each particular case, on what you want to achieve. The most comfortable thing is to look for a professional who takes care of the complete website.

Keep in mind when you need to find a designer of high quality websites in any city in UK or anywhere else in the world, you can get in touch with our designers. Before making a decision, you need to consider the available offers.

Website designer: Everything you need to know
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