Freelance web content editor

Freelance content editor

Freelance content editor for your company's website, this is your page! Content writing agency optimized for SEO positioning in search engines. Optimization of articles in 2019.

Expert agency in writing quality content for companies. We write quality content for any sector. We optimize the contents of the companies. We review the possible errors of our clients' web pages.

Content writing is one of the fundamental elements for web pages to grow steadily. It remains one of the key points in the online marketing strategy for companies.

Content writers in English

Nowadays a freelance content editor has to be constantly updated and must be able to write SEO-optimized content in English. Therefore, our native editors ensure high quality English content.

This is our main objective and what sets us apart from other companies. What served yesterday is not good for tomorrow. We constantly learn to offer the best article writing service for web pages.

By writing a text, the quality of the language is rewarded. Editing content does not make sense any longer, instead we have to add value to the content. Users looking at our articles will be able to benefit from quick and reliable information.

SEO content has been updated. Digital marketing is renewed, giving way to a quality web editor.

Agency Crowd of content creation They are dedicated to creating marketing content. These contents are no longer useful, offering a personalized study for each type of client makes us different. We create content quality.

Web content creators

We evolved from creating quick articles of 300 words in 2 days, to creating quality content of 1200 words every 10 days. Although it seems less quantity, the visualization has grown by 200%. That is why we recommend creating content through quality content editors.

Key factors to write SEO content

Below we will explain the key points when writing quality content for a web page.

Whether you're a company looking for editors or an editor in constant renewal, you'll be interested in going deeper You can leave us a comment with your website and doubts that we will solve for you.

Content writing for web pages

To write a quality text, we need to know how search engines are working on their latest updates.

Web content writers
  1. The length of sentences and paragraphs It is crucial, when organizing the contents. Structure optimized content appropriately, creating paragraphs and phrases with a certain length. This affects the reader's ability to read our content. We use titles and subtitles to cover no more than 3 paragraphs per article.
  2. The most important aspect is the generation of high quality content. The quality of the texts can be assessed today through the Flesch readability test, this factor has already been added to the algorithm, being one of the main factors. As long as we maintain a score above 60 points, we will be creating quality content. Flesch's readability test studies the difficulty of reading the article. Higher quality the easier to read our content.
  3. Avoid the passive voice In the texts it is essential. Recently, text editors used too much passive voice to fill in text and reach the recommended minimum of keywords. This is no longer useful. We must use direct language, if we write about «the best bouquets«, We must speak directly about what we want to express in a concrete and precise way.
  4. The consecutive sentencesThey will also help us to give a more quality point to our texts. We avoid repeating the same word at the beginning of the sentences. By writing with synonyms and not repeating words, we create a much more efficient language.
  5. A good distribution of titles and subtitles. We must include the paragraphs in titles. In addition, the keywords with which we play in the text come into play.

Important factors about content writing to consider

We use payment tools and writing to optimize our content. We have content management systems to optimize web pages.

The final evaluation of our articles is a further aspect of the systems we use. This system complements the text writing system optimized for SEO positioning.

Web content creators

Our writing assistant to position texts confirms the quality of writing. We demand to reach minimum levels of text quality.

This assistant marks the correct distribution of keywords. The keywords that we should include in the text according to the main keyword to position.

The content quality and ease of reading. An important point to create quality content. Content editors should update the texts according to the ease of reading for the user. Creating utility in its contents has become one of the search engine positioning phases.

Before we start, we need some key points that must be optimized on a web page. It is useless to create content on a totally outdated web page.

To do this, you must always demand an editor who is Web designer. In our AppDesign agency, we not only write, optimize your website and therefore your blog articles.

Optimized web structure for positioning

Minimum points that a web page must have to optimize content:

  1. Friendly links, every web page must be able to generate automated links with the keywords of the contents. A short and precise link is advised. Avoid splitting links in several directories, this will make your articles lose strength.
  2. Sitemaps, sitemaps files, send new content directly to the index. To do this you must configure from the Google Webmaster tools.
  3. Robots, the robots.txt file clean and error free. Sometimes we find blockages for the search engines that we have to release.
  4. Meta tags, the system must work with custom tags. One of the key points we use to optimize articles. As technical data, the title and description will be configured. Today, keyword tags no longer work.
  5. Loading speed, one of the key points to consider. If we work on very slow systems, search engine positions will fall, regardless of how the content is optimized. We optimize loading speed through cache systems, image optimization using WebP formats and content minification.
  6. Other factors in the structure, we start from a previous study of the web structure, totally free. We will advise you of all the points to optimize prior study to have a structure web optimized for positioning for search engines.

If you are looking for freelance copywriters, feel free to contact our team of experienced web copywriters.

If you need to check the score of your article, you can send us the text and the keyword to position, we will send you a personalized document about the quality of your text.

Freelance content editor
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