Difference between web design and development

Oliver Guirado Martínez - Updated on April 8, 2020

Have you ever wondered why difference between web design and development My name is Oliver, I'm a web designer and developer for more than 10 years, I'll show you the main differences in the concepts of web design and web development.

Web design and development

If you are thinking of creating a project on the internet, you need to be clear about the concepts of design and development on a website. Whether you are creating a website on your own or contacting programmers to create your website, you will need to know some key points.

What is web design?

A web designer deals with the visible part of a web page. The visible part consists of the structure of the web page in HTML and the design styles in CSS.

What is web design?
Web Design

A web designer will have graphic design skills and create the visible part of the website. You will know the HTML code, CSS and some knowledge in graphic design programs such as Photoshop o illustratorHe is also known as a designer Frontendwhich means designing the part that users will see.

The visible part consists of the CSS files or styles, which set up the typography, colors, images, videos, icons and any aesthetic aspect of the website.

What is web development?

A web developer takes care of the internal part of a website. The internal part is made up of the functions and is also known as development Backend.

Web Development

The web developer will have knowledge in programming languages with PHP, Javascript and jQuary. As you have seen, a web developer will have more technical knowledge than a web designer.

The functional part of a web page is mounted internally and will not be visible. For example, in a WordPress web page, the files that give life to the functions are PHP and Javascript. This part, is in charge of making your web page functional, that the contact forms are correctly programmed, the database connects to the functions of your web page, either by saving customer information or managing purchases in your online store.


Currently, both concepts are used to request a quote when we want to create our website. Therefore, a web designer is completely different from a web developer.

If you are starting with your online business and need an expert to create your website without taking into account custom features, you will have to look for a web designer. In this case, it will be cheaper and more practical to start with your new online project.

On the other hand, if you want to improve your website or include extra functions on your website, you will need a web developer. In this case, you will need more complex knowledge in the different programming languages, so it will be more expensive.

Our web design and development agency has a team of web designers and programmers at your disposal. Don't worry if you are lost, we take care of giving personalized advice, studying each project to offer the solution that best suits your online project.

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