B2B eCommerce platforms development

Web design for a wholesale computer company

We present you the creation of our latest Web design that assembles the latest trends in design and development of website for the wholesale computer company. Developed for the supplier company Mega Provider.

Creation of B2B eCommerce website

The design consists of two parts, a corporate website and another part developed to measure, with a private online store system for distributors.

One of the prevailing trends for web page design in 2019 they will be large images, with large texts, eliminating the classic menu and implementing a hamburger menu. Given the trend with which users connect, nowadays mostly with a smartphone, the navigation menu will be eliminated to make way for more intuitive systems through mobile phones.

The absence of a menu will create large texts and images as a presentation within the web page.

For this structure we cannot forget the responsive system, where the web structure adjusts to the size of the screen, something that Google has very much in mind today, it should not be forgotten that Google began to penalize search engine positioning on pages web that did not mount this system.

Tailor-made private online store with intranet

creation of private online store

For the online store we carry out a development entirely as our client needed:

  1. Private online store system, the client will not be able to enter the online store until they have provided all the documentation after registering and registering in the system, after validation the administrator will validate the registration.
  2. Payment system to a single page, where the user can control the entire order to one page (shipping, payment, products ...).
  3. Automated product system, automated product assembly.
  4. Modification of the billing system, leaving each personalized invoice to the customer, adding or removing taxes according to products and categories.

If you need to create your fully personalized corporate website according to the type of company you have, you can request a quote and our programmers will make a custom quote for your web project:

We do web design for corporate companies, online stores, eCommerce store design, mCcommerce and hybrid and native mobile applications, with the necessary functions for your website.

Web design for a wholesale computer company
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