Development of e-learning applications for online courses

Mobile app design for online courses

Development company for e-learning apps. Apps for course management for Android and iOS.

Development company e-learning platforms

We offer e-learning solutions, software and mobile apps for online courses. We create e-learning systems for publication of courses, publication of courses for teachers and platforms with teacher and student manager. 

Today, users use mobile applications to learn and develop their skills. We help companies to improve their user experience by creating complete e-learning platforms. Request a quote to develop a mobile app for online courses. Some more important success stories would be Udemy and Coursera.

In addition, teachers who are experts in certain subjects may publish courses on the learning platform, charging a fee per course sold for each teacher. With the course registration, where each user can teach and generate income, it makes it perfect for monetizing the application.

The need to convert language agencies, colleges or universities into digital companies, makes us grow within the digital sector. Our company AppDesign, has become one of the best mobile application development companies within the e-learning sector.

We offer e-learning solutions for companies. In addition, we have experience in many sectors, from the app development for FinTech or designing applications on demand

e-learning apps development

Creation of platforms for online courses

Mobile applications are the future to offer a better learning and user experience. The increase in online course systems leads to the student having a better experience. We help course agencies to meet the high demand that users make when buying online courses through their own applications.

Design apps for e-learning systems:

  • List of courses by categories: easily find your courses via a search engine.
  • Course registration for teachers: teachers will be able to publish their courses, and upload videos and material to the e-learning platform.
  • Student registration: management of active courses, favorites, result test at the end of the course and certificate of approval.
  • Notification management: publication of notifications for apps for courses on Android and iPhone.
  • Integration of payments: eCommerce system creation for online course payments.

To conclude, these are some of the application features developed to manage online courses which we have created for companies.

Management software for e-learning platforms

In addition, we create systems for software to manage online courseswith API connections to publish courses between platforms and apps offering total control of your teachers and students through a control panel.

The future of applications is changing the way users interact when looking to learn through e-learning apps. Do you want to be a part of it?, feel free to contact us at any time!

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