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App development with Flutter, the cross-platform app design Mobile has reached a new dimension with the introduction of Flutter. Since the Google team released Flutter 1.0 in December last year, the growth has been endless. And while we talk and debate about its beginnings,Flutter 1.7 is here!

Flutter 1.7 is the first feature update for Google Flutter. It was launched on February 26 at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. So, let's see what this new version of Google's new programming system incorporates.

Dard 2.3

App design with dart

Using Dart has proven to be a great game changer for Flutter. The performance improvements offered by Dart apps for Flutter are huge. With this in mind, the new version of Flutter 1.7 includes Dart 2.3 SDK for faster performance.

Dart 2.3, specifically focused on improving the performance of time ATA code (AOT). Developers can see a performance improvement between 10 and 20% in microbenchmarks. With Dart 2 Common Front-End (CFE), it has become easy to create new language features. An example is the introduction of a feature of the Set literal language. Flutter application developers can now write Set literals using {}. '

Flutter app development companies

The best app development companies with Flutter they agree on the following points:

  • Better performance for apps.
  • Better code writing.
  • Increased loading speed.
  • Improved widgets.
  • Improved native code.

Flutter promises perfect pixel designs on iOS and Android. To strengthen its promise to provide native applications. App development with Flutter has brought significant improvements to its Material and Cupertino widget sets to test the user interface (UI).

As we dig deeper, it can be seen that attention to minor details has been largely implemented in app development with Flutter. They have extended their support to floating-point text editing for faithful UI rendering. New animation acceleration features are the other notable changes that make Flutter more powerful. New keyboard events and mouse activation support have also been introduced to support desktop class operating systems.

eCommerce for apps with Flutter for Android and iOS

Flutter eCommerce app

In-app purchases and Android app packages are compatible with Flutter 1.7. New Android app packages help reduce app size and enable new features like dynamic app delivery. In addition, it has a perfect compatibility in tune, the development team of Flutter. He has also carefully performed various bug fixes for maps, video players, and web views.

Flutter Developer Tools

One of the main benefits of using Flutter is its flexibility. Therefore, the programming language has been compatible with various developer tools such as Visual Studio Code, Android Studio, etc. from the first days.

The design of apps with Flutter 1.7 has a new set of programming tools web-based to make developer life easier. Tools include the widget inspector, timeline view, source-level debugger, and log view. These tools can be installed along with the other extensions and plugins for Visual Studio Code and Android Studio.

Developing apps with Flutter 1.7 promises better performance, quality, and code stability. The first update version polishes the visual finishes and functionality of existing widgets. As the Flutter talk continues, the Google team has been looking for ways to improve technology.

So what will be next? The next version of Flutter is already in progress. We will inform you of the next updates of Flutter!

Application development company with Flutter
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