Ecological online store design

web development online store fruit

We bring you a development of an ecological online store, with sale of agricultural products. The web design has a clean and simple structure for the user, marking the current trend.

It has a payment system with shopping cart, where the customer can make the payment by credit card, transfer and paypal. Once the purchase is made, it will mark the type of shipment and the system will generate the order through the control panel, reaching an email in real time to the administrator of the website so as not to waste time preparing the order.

The assembly of the Web page encrypted with an SSL certificate, so it is safe to buy online. This type of certificates gives greater authority and positioning in Google.

Online store design of organic fruits and vegetables

Below I will show you the main sections and characteristics of the design created for our client:

Main page: it consists of an automated slider with changing images in header. Here the client can update the images in his control panel, to offer offers on designated dates. Next we will have information about the company and some products.

fruit shop web design

The list of products on the first page serves to check the type of products they sell on the web without browsing, if the customer is interested they will go to the Online store where are all the products filtered by categories.

fruit ecommerce

At the end of each page the user can see all the contact information.

ecological theme for wordpress

A duplicate page system was created to mount the languages, this type of translation systems for web pages are the last ones that are made, being the translations in the respective languages totally customized. When a customer connects from a Spanish-speaking country, the website will be automatically displayed in Spanish, the same happens when the country from which the customer comes from is English-speaking, in this case the online store will be displayed entirely in English. Being able to change the languages at any time from the menu.

Development of online stores selling fruits

In section "About us»We opted to introduce a brief description about the company and a portfolio of images, revealing the company's facilities. This point will give greater confidence to customers, who can see where their products are grown before making any purchase:

ecommerce for agriculture store

Once the main page of the company and the explanation about said business are commented, we assemble eCommerce online stores With stock management and payment systems, where the customer can buy the products and manage the orders from an easy-to-use administration panel.

Finally, for more information and resolution of doubts by the clients of the website, a contact section is mounted, with all the necessary information, google maps, contact information with telephone, email, address ... and a form of Contact where you can consult any question.

Among the main features of the website, is the adaptable web system, the web adapts to the type of screen, being fully functional in mobile devices and tablets, something that Google has been rewarding since 2015 and that in our company we have been assembling from the year 2013.

If you need any questions, you can contact our team of web designers and programmers through our request a quote for your website in our agency

web development online store fruit
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