Application development for taxis

Mobile app design for taxi companies

App development company for taxi drivers. Android and iOS taxi apps with a control panel for driver and customer management.

Development company taxi apps for Android and iOS

The taxi sector has revolutionized the market for passengers and drivers. At AppDesign, we help companies by updating the user experience with taxi driver applications.

We create web applications on demand, taxi software development and mobile apps. We offer the latest travel management tools for car-based travel.

Travelers use mobile applications for taxi reservations when they require a taxi or in advance. We help you access the digital taxi industry. Request a quote to develop a mobile app for your taxi company.

Currently, most users book their journeys through a mobile app.

The need to convert taxi applications into the company of the future prompted us to invest in the taxi sector. Our company, AppDesign. has become, one of the best mobile application development companies for taxi drivers, specializing in reservations, payments and location.

How to make an Uber app

Mobile applications are the future for improving passenger experience. The number of taxi reservations made through an app has increased steadily during the last 10 years. The steady growth of companies with taxi-like mobile applications, such as Uber, Cabify or Grab, continues to increase market share.

What you need in order to develop a taxi app:

  • App for taxi drivers: 2 applications for taxi drivers will be created, one on iOS and one on Android.
  • Application for taxi users: creation of applications for users.
  • Software, taxi platform: a control panel which connects all applications and settings.
  • Price manager: from the control panel you can manage margin, prices and commissions for each trip.
  • Application geolocation: API connections using Google maps to locate users and taxi drivers.
  • Online wallet: internal payment system.

To conclude, for developing a taxi app on Android and iPhone, you will need at least 4 applications and a control panel.

Taxi platform

Taxi platform development

In addition, we create systems for software to manage your taxi company via a control panel.

Among the options we have are the chance to create a connection between configurations and applications, and management of taxi drivers, users, trips, payments, discount coupons, promotions and offers. Configuration of vehicle type, payment types, commission management and services can also be managed.

The future of applications is changing the way users interact when they are looking for more of an experience from their trips. Do you want to be a part of it? We are leaders in travel application development and mCommerce system creation for apps. Feel free to contact us at any time!

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