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website for hotels

AppDesign, brings you the latest Website design for hotels and rural houses Created in our company. Each hotel has its own needs, so we encourage you to consult a budget for a personalized web design. If you need to create the website of your rural accommodation, contact our web designers.

We create web pages for hotels

All our clients ask us for web advice before hiring our services custom web design and app. We conducted a study on the pages that your hotel would need regarding direct competition. We create the web renewal and update of your hotel, rural or tourist accommodation for a better interaction with your customers.

We currently specialize in creating web pages for hotels and rural houses. We use the necessary tools adapted to your hotel. We can use the latest systems of WordPress based web design just like him Mobile application development.

The best designs for hotels

web for rural houses

We have seen the need to adapt a section for rural houses. There is a large increase in websites for many of our clients who have a rental service for rural houses.

Giving priority to the environment that the client can discover, images with views of the location of the rural house or expanding the services to offer. Active tourism activities such as canyoning, canoeing, paintball, horse riding, hiking, trekking or cycling routes around the cottage.

Our priority is to adapt each web page in a personalized way to each type of client. We advise you to request a quote with all possible details about your accommodation. Our team of expert designers will develop a personalized proposal with the budget according to your needs.

Web design for rural houses

Some of the main features that we have already assembled to our clients and that we advise for hotels and rural accommodations:

  1. Internal online booking system.
    For a direct contact with the client, you will not need external systems such as booking and expedia that charge commission. Reservations directly from your hotel or home being the direct contact from your website.
  2. Online sale system.
    We also include the possibility of managing reservations upon payment. Linking the main online sales systems with credit cards through the Stripe, Paypal or bank transfer platform. The client will break down their needs, according to the number of people visiting the place. Selection of room type or extra services that will be charged. We customize a price of a web page You can pay directly from the website.
  3. Request for quotes with a custom form.
    Sometimes, our rental clients need to make a personalized questionnaire to prepare a personalized proposal that suits the type of client that will visit your hotel. Something we have already developed for several web designs for companies.
  4. Portfolio of images of the rural environment.
    One of the main points. It is important to sell the location, since it is the main reason for the visit, customers usually do rural tourism depending on the environment. Making a good strategy of images of the environment is advisable on your website.
  5. Portfolio of images of the house.
    At this point, there are plenty of explanations. The client before making a reservation is obliged to see the house, room where he would stay, utilities or hotel facilities. Also implement all the extra services offered by rural accommodation, from the food served to leisure activities.
  6. News blog.
    Having our website updated is one of the most important points for SEO positioning. Offering the latest news of the accommodation that is rented or of the town and the nearby city is a good strategy to position our house.
  7. Mobile application for online sale.
    Based on the web pages, we build the design of the mobile application with online sales for reservations.

Web design for hotels and rural houses

In addition, we adapt to any need. Including social network links, links with google maps, videos, online chat system, hosting services and domain registration. Including platform development backend and frontend in codeigniter.

Query website quote for your hotel or rural house through our quotation form. Our professional team of web designers and programmers will help you in the process of creating your web page.

website for hotels
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