Banking algorithm development

Oliver - Updated on July 6, 2019

From our software development agency with algorithms using OpenAI's artificial intelligence, we present you a customized project we carried out for an important bank in Spain.

custom calculator

Our client asked us to do the programming and development of a custom calculator with functions that interact with each other through an algorithm.

Development of custom software for algorithms

Through the sketches provided by the client through psd images, we built the functions they needed, each one interacting directly with the next one and modifying values as the form progresses, developing a system by algorithms.

We use the latest PHP programming systems for companies and professional web development with databases in Angular JS.

Programming company with algorithms

The idea presented was composed of two parts, a first part where the basic data was filled in and information from the client was collected:

custom function programming

Once the client had entered the necessary data, he clicked on "Calculate cost reduction" and sent to a second form that collected the data from the first one, making a customised query according to the type of client.

customised programming

Finally, the calculator's custom-programmed system with algorithms, chose in a database the companies that could go well to that customer.

Also, we performed platform synchronization, creating artificial intelligence applications.

Customized calculator programming with PHP

If you need any kind of custom programming and function development for your website, you can consult with our programmers through our quotation form.

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