Web design and app development for a real estate agency

Oliver Guirado Martínez - Updated on July 21, 2019

In this article we bring you the details for create a website for a real estate agency and a real estate system.

Create a website for a real estate agency

The website created in WordPress with filtering functions between properties and with a modified control panel to include, modify or delete our client's houses.

Web design for real estate agencies

In the budget that we present for the development of the real estate agency, besides including the price of the web page, we present several sketches. Before starting any project we send several proposals so that the client can see how his real estate website would look before starting it. Something very important, to have a good relationship with our clients who always thank us for not going blindly on their design.

To comment that we carry out a study of the competition and the designs that the client can pass us to look for the most updated thing possible according to the needs.

All designs include the latest news and recommendations in Google structure, a responsive system, adaptable to mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Administration control panels, to manage your listing in real time without a programmer, filtered by location, properties, types ...

You can also add functions such as the translation system by language, chat, currency, creation of eCommerce systems or custom modifications of functions, always budgeted apart from the original design.

Here are the three proposals we present with the strengths of each design:

Real estate design with mobile app development

First of all, we have the simplest of the three proposed designs, which would include, besides the administration control panel, a simple and clean design, with an open menu and an adjustable scroll, to update the houses and properties that the client wants, without limit.

All designs come assembled with the latest updates and web-based applicationsIn HTML5 format and with administration control panels to manage your properties. In addition to several sections, in this case the client indicated the Home, About us, Listing (with a filter of the properties and the possibility of including Google Maps with all the locations and locations of the properties) pages. In addition, a blog to write articles, in this case they would use it to publish offers and news related to the city. Finally, a contact form where all the personalized data is collected.

The filtering of houses is one of the most complete, it includes different possibilities, for example, being able to filter by price, something useful for guests with a fixed budget, location, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, type of property and condition.

Website design for real estate

Development of applications for real estate

Also, we perform mobile apps for real estate on Android and iPhone. Our application development agency is a leader in building software systems for real estate companies. We have made application development for travel agencies.

For the second proposal on real estate that we present, is one of the most complete designs, its strength lies in the ability to create different users who can register and upload your property to the list, always with the consent of an administrator user who will validate the property for activation within the website.

The convenience of being able to validate an article for direct publication makes it perfect for those real estate agencies with different partners and companies.

real estate website design

Real Estate App Development

Finally, we present a different system. Although all designs come with a responsive system that adapts to mobile devices and tablets, the latter is designed to improve the user experience and usability, mounting a side menu for easy use on small screens.

The fit will be perfect, fully optimized and updated, with the possibility of including high-resolution retinal images and drag-and-drop effects designed for touch devices.

mobile real estate design

The possibilities are endless, so if you need a personalized budget or advice for your website, you can consult with our experts through our quotation form.

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