Cosmetic website design and perfumes

cosmetic web design and perfumes

We bring you one of our latest web design for cosmetics shop, an online perfume and makeup shop. We create stores for health and beauty clinics.

Developed in CMS WordPress and Woocommerce. Set up an easy and intuitive administration panel for our client to manage their products, orders and customers easily. We also develop and synchronize the Android mobile application and iOS.

We start with the image of the header, assembling one of the latest trends in web design. We create an air menu, background with a large image with dark filter to highlight the menu and the letters of the main banner:

Cosmetic website design and perfumes

eCommerce for online cosmetics stores

Below, we detail the key points that your website should have. The latest trends that are being mounted on the systems created by our eCommerce agency online sale for stores.

  • Websites with SSL certificates: today one of the points that we consider mandatory for an online store with a shopping cart, when managing payments, customer information will be encrypted by the SSL certificate of your online store. For a few years Google has come to reward the websites with SSL certificates, and is that the customer increasingly looks at the famous green padlock before making a purchase, a safe practice when shopping online.
  • Responsive System: another of the main factors of Google when positioning an online store and that have a great weight in the Google algorithm. Our website goes on to adjust all the content for medium screens used in tablets and small ones with mobiles, passing the original menu to the hamburger menu.
    Cosmetics app store
  • Payment systems: We set up one of the most powerful payment systems compatible with almost any payment method, in this case credit cards, bank transfer and Paypal. Manageable with an easy-to-use control panel.
  • Self-managed control panel: The client can manage their website without the need for technical knowledge.

Design of online health and beauty stores

One of the main problems we face is the construction platforms, where it is offered to create your online store at a very low cost on a monthly basis, we recommend not to mount this type of systems since they will always create long-term problems despite the marketing aggressive that they carry out with the price, although this in the end does not come cheap, let's see an example and the weak points of this type of systems:

  • Low monthly price, for example € 45.95 / month. This price seems low but once you leave everything mounted you will see that you have a multitude of limitations, in the long term it will be much more expensive than your own single payment system:
    Monthly payment: € 45.95, per year: € 551.4, 5 years: € 2,757, 10 years: € 5,514… in the end it does not come out so cheap and more if it is a project with which we want to work in the long term, no I know of no project created to work a few months.
  • Property of our store: being a monthly payment, the online store will never be yours, it is owned by the company that offers you a rental of it, so you will be subject to its conditions at all times, you will not be able to transfer or grow with your project.
  • Limitations, you are limited in quantity of products, orders and customers, increasing the monthly price if you want to extend these limits.

Own e-commerce system:

We work our own systems, here are some points to consider:

  • One-time payment, you won't have to pay monthly payments, and you won't get scares if your store starts to grow.
  • Without limitations, being an own system you will not have limit orders, customers and products.
  • The design will always be totally yours and as owner you will have all the keys to change the designer, server, web maintenance company or whatever you need at all times.

Next, you will see it is very important to know what we hire. Run away from aggressive offers and compare between professional web design companies.

If you need help with the creation of your online store you can contact our team of experts who will recommend and advise you at all times through our form website quote.

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