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CakePHP is one of the most important PHP frameworks that exist today. Cake PHP creates simpler, faster and less code-based web applications

Web application development with CakePHP

In our company AppDesign. we use CakePHP to create powerful web applications.

The PHP 7 open source development framework is flexible, efficient and created with clean code.

Development features with CakePHP:

  • Dedicated support for CakePHP: it has one of the best support systems for developers.
  • A large community working on CakePHP, availability of a large number of functions and templates by the community.
  • Compatible with the latest versions of PHP 7: constant improvement in performance and safety.
  • Fast construction: availability of flexible resources for CakePHP.
  • CakePHP Security: CSRF protection, form protection, XSS prevention and SQL injection.
Our web development agency, AppDesign, has become one of the best companies in programming with CakePHP.
CakePHP development company

Examples created with CakePHP:

CakePHP development is perfect for companies with limited budget. They need platforms. CakePHP does not need to create the code from scratch, which allows the code to be reused and software to be developed quickly and easily.

Exam software for e-learning platforms:

Rental management system:

Budget and invoice management software:

Management software for doctors and dentists

CakePHP development agencies

AppDesign has, more than 10 years of experience developing platforms with CakePHP. In addition, we have customized examples for web projects, using the best systems of programming with Laravel or platform creation with Codeigniter.

Request a quote for your CakePHP project with our agency, AppDesign..

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