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About the project

At App Design, we are passionate about creating digital solutions that transform people's lives. RapidCab is a perfect example of how user-centered design can revolutionize an industry. We partnered with RapidCab to design a complete suite of apps that redefines the cab travel experience for both drivers and users.

The Challenge:

RapidCab approached us with a vision to create a platform that would simplify urban mobility, offering an intuitive, efficient and safe experience for all involved. The challenge was to design four interconnected applications:

  • App for Users: Facilitate cab requests, trip tracking and payments.
  • App for Drivers: Optimize travel, navigation and revenue management.
  • Administration Panel: Provide RapidCab with tools to manage the platform, analyze data and provide support.
  • Panel for Companies: Enable companies to manage employee travel and optimize costs.

Our Solution:

Through an iterative and collaborative design process, we developed a consistent visual identity and intuitive information architecture for all applications.

  • Exhaustive research: We conduct interviews with users and drivers to understand their needs and weaknesses.
  • User-centered design: We create wireframes, interactive prototypes and perform usability tests to validate our solutions.
  • State-of-the-art technology: We implement the latest technologies to ensure optimal performance and a smooth experience across all devices.

Technologies Used

  • App: React Native
  • Backend: Laravel, MySQL
  • CMS Companies: Laravel with advanced customization
  • E-commerce: Integration with online sales system through Bizum, Cards and PayPal.
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App cab driver selection
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App cab route selection and options

Technical Documentation

Development Process

At App Design, we follow an agile and collaborative development process, ensuring that the final product meets the client's expectations and needs. From initial conceptualization to launch and post-implementation support, we work closely with the RapidCab team to ensure a robust and efficient solution.


The implementation of RapidCab has resulted in a significant improvement in user experience and operational efficiency for drivers and companies. The platform has been well received by its users, standing out for its ease of use and advanced functionality.

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Visit the full project at RapidCab and find out how we have helped transform the online presence of this wonderful cab initiative.

If you are looking for a web design agency that can bring your spiritual vision to digital reality, contact our team to create your project.
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