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How much does it cost to develop an app?

There is no budget to create an app Exactly, without previous study. To make a budget for mobile applications on android or iPhone detailed, we begin with the personalized study of the idea of each client. All web apps are different, so it is necessary to detail each and every one of the applications or functions that your web project would carry and our team of programmers will review each point.

To get an idea of How much does a mobile app developed for Android and iOS cost?:

  • Multiplatform App Development: from € 2,500.
  • App development with Flutter: from € 6,500.
  • Native App Development: from € 9,500.
  • Native App Development with API connections and control panels: from € 15,000

A professional programmer will estimate a value following the important points of your idea to develop and carry out a study on your company, unlike a freelance, who makes non-personalized fixed budgets and without prior study of your company.


How much does it cost to design a web page?

There is no budget to design a web page, without prior study. To make a budget for a website, we begin with the personalized study of the idea of each client. All web pages are different, so it is necessary to detail the sections and functions that the company will need. From our AppDesign agency we will study each point to estimate the best price-quality.

To get an idea of how much does it cost to develop a web page:

  • Basic web design Landing page: from € 450.
  • WordPress web design and development: from € 750.
  • Online Store Design: from € 1,200.
  • Platform development: from € 3,500
  • Custom web design and development with React JS, Java, Bootstrap: from € 4,500

A professional web designer will estimate a cost following the idea to be developed. At our web design agency AppDesign, we offer the best price on the market with the quality you deserve. We use the latest tools in web design and custom development.

We will detail the steps we take, since behind each web app budget there is a study and work carried out by our team that we would like to share with our customers.

Steps to budget your website, mobile app or custom development

After receiving the form with all the details from the client, we carried out a study of the competition, both for the web page design As the Mobile application development. If for example our client needs a landing page based on an online consulting business in Madrid, we look for the main search engine positions of the competing companies, since these companies work and the purpose will be to build a profitable website for our clients , with a modern and optimized design. This will also help us improve your idea, giving advice and providing ideas that could be useful for your potential future clients.

The next thing we do in our agency is to analyze the code of the sample website that the client has sent us, a design either from the competition or from any other website that the client likes, we analyze the code to see if it is updated today since many of the example websites that are sent to us do not come with a responsive structure, which makes the screen size adapt for mobile devices and tablets, something that Google has been penalizing for a few years. Today all our designs mount this type of programming.

Budget web application

The price of a web application It will depend on the time it takes us to perform each of the parts and the difficulty of this, it is not the same to program the same functions in html5, css or code for mobile applications, whether for iOS, android or windows phone.

Once we have the client's idea, with a similar website that you like and all the parts that it would take, we make an approximate price quote.

We will send you all the details broken down by email, as well as recommendations to improve your website with the costs it would entail.

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