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Oliver Guirado Martínez - Updated on August 2, 2019

Development of WordPress blog application on Android and iOS to synchronize the website of your blogPublish articles in your app automatically.

Application for blogs

Designing WordPress synchronized applications

If you need to reach more people through a mobile application that links to your blog content, in our web and app development company we create wordpress synchronized apps by Progressive Web AppYour articles will be published automatically and synchronized with your cross-platform applications developed in Android and professional iOS.

The future mobile applications will be created in an integral way and will belong to our clients for resale. For this reason, we inform about the constructors, a fashion tool of easy creation that has more disadvantages than advantages, we compare both versions.

You can see other works as installation of a Top notification bar for WordPress.

Mobile application synchronized with WordPress

App with custom web development, what we do:

  • One-time payment, no monthly payments for life.
  • The app will be totally yours, having all the files in the app.
  • Up-to-date and unlimited systems, you can grow with your app.
  • We'll give you the complete and working app.
  • Loading from external servers, poor performance and slow loading
  • We created online applications.

App developed with external platforms:

  • Affordable monthly price, usually paid monthly, even if it seems cheap, you will pay for life.
  • The app is not yours, you will not own your app, as you pay a monthly rent for this landlord services application.
  • Outdated and limited systems.
  • You have to build it yourself.
  • Loading from own servers, high performance and loading speed.

Some of our designs created for blogs:

The development app is the web technology applications complete for a website in WordPress . You can use this application synchronized with the WordPress to create a mobile news, blog and magazine application and upload it to any store such as Google play, Apple Store. We also have some examples created as the real estate applications.

If you have other blog systems such as the Blogger, Joomla, Blogspot, Tumblr, Wix or Medium we can make the transfer of your items to WordPress.

All development is based on the React Native, Ionic Framework and professional Phonegapdeveloping apps in native versions that generate the apk files for Android e iOS with the ipa file. That is, we will send you all the files of your project in case you want to transform it, expand functions or change the programmer.

If you have any questions, you can consult with our app developers without obligation, through our web and app budget.

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