Best hosting for a wordpress website

Oliver Guirado Martínez - Updated on July 13, 2019

Today we present an article on the best hosting for a website in WordPressWe will analyze different WordPress web hosting and maintenance companies performing performance and compatibility tests on different technologies, leaving our conclusions at the end of the article.

best wordpress hosting

Before we start, I'll give a brief introduction to what the system is WordPress. WordPress is a technology called CMS (Content Management System) or content manager in Spanish, previously created in b2/cafelog by Matt MullenwegIt works under the development of language PHP linking to databases MySQLYou can mount all kinds of web designs under different themes or related topics.

Today, any company uses this technology, not only small companies and businesses that are starting up but also large corporations, as it is possible to have the web fully updated with the latest trend.

Hosting recommendations for a WordPress website

Here are two points to keep in mind and that with the experience of more than 20 years in the sector we will break it down for you:

You can learn and build your web without problems, which will take you many hours of work until you manage the system well, but you will always have problems and you will not be able to do everything you want, in addition to mounting everything in a fully compatible system, which will get the best performance without having to worry about losing customers.

We not only assemble this type of system, but also adapt and configure it in a totally personalized way:

  • Development of a fully updated WordPress system
  • Installation of the latest versions in PHP and MySQL
  • Optimization of SEO positioning in the structure
  • Selection of a fully customized theme for our clients
  • Custom code modifications through web programming
  • Web code optimization, simple, clear and adaptable
  • Assembly and development of different tools: forms, Google maps, portfolio, languages...

That is why we always recommend that you have an expert team set up, who can give you advice and optimise your website as best as possible.

Best WordPress Website Hosting

I will leave you in order better optimized hosting for WordPress where we've set up the WordPress system:


Shared Server for WordPress

Many are the companies that offer a shared server for WordPress. Comment that we have always had problems in this type of hosting because the performance decreases significantly, in addition to not being able to make the necessary optimization adjustments to a server.

Analysis: Response time on a PHP 5.6: 3.2 seconds

Note: 4 out of 10

Price: 45 euros/year


VPS server for WordPress

Halfway between a shared server and a dedicated one we have the VPS. This kind of servers come to offer almost the same performance as a shared one, with the difference that we can make some retouches in the server that will increase the web performance, it is necessary to have some team of experts in servers to retouch the VPS,

Analysis: Response time on a PHP 5.6: 2.5 seconds

Note: 6 out of 10

Price: 150 euros/year

Dedicated Server for WordPress

Here we leave you with the most powerful type of server for a WordPress based CMS system. The dedicated server will always get the maximum performance from your website. We use this type of system to get the best response time. It should always be managed by a team expert WordPress developers and server technicians, if you have no knowledge of LinuxIf you are not sure which option is right for you, we carry out all the assembly and maintenance through our experts.

Analysis: Response time on a PHP 5.6: less than 1 second

Note: 10 out of 10

Price: 69 euros/month

If you need advice or assembly in any system, you can contact us through the Quotation Form.

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