Automatic order printing for restaurants in WordPress and Woocommerce

Oliver - Updated on July 25, 2019

This practical plugin and module from Automatic printing of restaurant orders for Woocommerce and WordPress makes the commands print automatically in your restaurant. Save time and money, order faster.

2021 Update

Currently Google Print will be disabled on December 31, 2020. We have an alternative solution to print tickets automatically with WordPress and Print Node. Our plugin synchronizes the automatic printing of a connected printer with Print Node:

We are experts in custom web developmentCompatible with any printer (including thermal printer), print your commands automatically.

WordPress and Woocommerce ticket printing

We have developed the module for Prestashop and also for the eCommerce system of WordPress Woocommerce.

These developments are tailor-made, so to estimate a price or cost we need to study your website, how it works, the versions of the CMS and PHP you have installed. If you need to develop the module on another platform, our programmers can create it.

You won't have to go online to find orders; no more time spent printing delivery instructions; no more delays in your customers' orders. This Woocommerce plug-in will save you time and money. It has been specially designed to websites of restaurants, bars or pubsIt is also suitable for any type of business that values its time and wants the best customer experience.

This plugin uses Google's "Cloud Print" system All you need to do is connect your printer to Google Cloud Print, install this plug-in, and you're ready to go (instructions are provided after purchase).

The plugin is completely internationalized (i.e. ready for translations). We have a website where you can quickly add your website. Tested and compatible with Woocommerce  (including the current version) - and all versions of Woocommerce, which your version of Woocommerce supports.

Automatic Ticket Printing Features

Documentation for users and developers is available including frequently asked questions after purchase. The plugin uses standard Woocommerce hook and filter mechanisms, and is therefore highly customizable by developers.

Want to test your printer connection to Google Cloud Print, and test printing from your Woocommerce site?

Other features of the plugin:

  • Add phone/email addresses to be billed: this plugin will make the customer's phone number and email address to be added to the plugin template "Woocommerce PDF Invoices and Delivery Notes" (the phone number is especially useful for delivery drivers).
  • Debugging support: for any purpose, a log of errors can be sent to addresses that configure the email, to track the progress of the printing.
  • Print job control: As with all Google Cloud Print jobs, you can view your print queue from the Google Cloud Print control panel, from any web browser.
  • Multiple copies: You can set the number of copies you want to print.
  • Multiple printers: Invoices can be sent to multiple printers (including Google Drive).
  • Adaptive output: you can create your own output templates, or use any of the pre-built ones (including configurable logo, footer, terms and conditions and header areas).
  • Test print: You can send a test print to the configured printer at any time.

Request a quote with our web development company expert in WordPress plugin creation and module development for Woocommerce.

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