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Do you need to develop your mobile application ?, our team of app developers in Madrid He has carried out numerous projects in the capital of Spain. Some of our clients ask us for the process of creating mobile applications that we carry in our company and which we will detail below.

Enterprise app development
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Our transparency when managing projects for applications, web design and software sets us apart from the competition. At all times you will know the status of your project, you will have all the keys, advice and guarantee, once finished.

The application development in Madrid, has become one of our most demanded services in our app development agency. Followed by Barcelona and Malaga, we also work for clients all over the world, there are already more than 20 countries that we support, we manage cloud systems and servers for your projects or we advise on the creation of technological startups.

What do you need to develop an app?

First, a study is carried out with the information that companies located in New York they provide us. Based on this study, we made a budget and sent a design proposal.

An key points in a budget to know the cost of the app would:

  • What platform do you need it for? If we have to develop the app on Android, iOS or both.
  • Internal functions that the app would carry.
  • Buttons what would it take.
  • If you are going to need an administration panel that connects to the applications.
  • Will you need to connect the app with an external application or web? (API connections).
  • Some app similar to what you need is usually the most important point to clarify any doubt.

We rely on the requested information, prepare a design proposal and estimate the costs and times of the development of the app on Android and iPhone. Most of our clients do not know the best way to carry out their project, so we also carry out a study and advise companies in Madrid on the best way to make your application.

project manager to develop an app
Project manager for applications:

After confirmation of the budget, we register the project in our project manager. We assign the app developer team based on the needs of each company. We estimate the app development times and start after 50% of the payment.

Mobile app development

After project planning, our team will begin to develop the application. Working side by side, to develop each and every one of the key points requested in the budget.

We will design according to the latest market trends.

Settings and test

Once the application is finished, it is time to test it. We perform all the tests to make sure that your application developed for Android or iOS meets our requirements.

Project delivery and guarantees

Once finished, we deliver the mobile application. The creation of mobile applications entails a review time, in which our clients test the application and send us a review.

Within the review, we usually change images, texts, contact information or some other information that our customers want to update to publish the first version of their app.

Once the project is finished and submitted, our work does not end here. If you have control panels, we perform advice for the management and configuration of your app. In addition, we include guarantee in all our applications developed.

Never stop growing, we have software development teams, experts in cloud computing systems, graphic designers, web designers & #8230; Our company will always be at your disposal to grow with you.

So do not hesitate, contact us today and we will guide you to create the mobile application of your company.

Application development in Madrid
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