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Xamarin Programming

We already have new application programmers in our company to develop apps with Microsoft Xamarin. Develop native applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Xamarin, is one of the most powerful programming languages today, being in the top three positions in the language to develop native applications. Its versatility and ability to create is unsurpassed, although the level of difficulty is high when programming, you will need many hours of learning and an expert to advise you.

Currently, a programming system created by Google has emerged that gains ground in develop native applications with Flutter, with which we already have experts in our app development agency.

Native Android and iOS applications using Xamarin

Create native applications for multiple platforms in a C # shared code base. Use the same IDE, the same language and the same API everywhere. This will reduce the cost of creation, since an app development with Xamarin can be compatible for all platforms.

What are the three main advantages of app development with Xamarin?

  1. Native user interface, native API access and native performance.
  2. Anything you can do in Objective-C, Swift or Java you can do in C # with Xamarin.
  3. Browse with applications that are at the forefront with support for new OS versions.

Native user interface

Xamarin applications are built with native and standard user interface controls. Applications not only look the way the end user expects, but also behave that way.

Native API access

Xamarin applications have access to the full spectrum of features exposed by the underlying platform and device, including platform-specific capabilities, such as iBeacons and Android Fragments.

Native performance

Applications created with Xamarin take advantage of platform specific hardware acceleration and compile for native performance. This cannot be achieved with solutions that interpret code at runtime.

So you can understand the ability to native app development With Xamarin in this programming system, we provide some examples developed in Xamarin.

Marketwatch is one of the most visited financial portals in the world. In your application you will be able to see all the financial information in real time, all the data is connected by API systems to facilitate an unbeatable response time.

Download Marketwatch at iOS or Android to check what the language developed by Microsoft is capable of.

Videogame development in xamarin

It is also possible to develop video games for Apps. One of the main award-winning games for iPad is developed in Xamarin. Wired Magazine said it could be one of the best games developed for the iPad.

Bastion It is one of the best games in the Appstore, you can download this video game from the AppStore.

How is C # built?

More types, writing less: C # uses a type inference to give developers with Xamarin more security in fewer keystrokes, without repetitive type annotations.

Language level async: asynchronous programming keeps applications sensitive. In Objective-C, Swift and Java, async requires callbacks and manual accounting. C # language level support makes async faster.

Stronger typologies, smarter tools: generics ensure that collections and other types of compounds are used safely, without the need for releases or comments. Xamarin tools understand the intention better thanks to richer types, with benefits such as ubiquitous code completion.

First class functions: in Java for Android, the «lambdas » Are not avaliables. In Objective-C, the «lambdas » They are extremely cumbersome. In C #, this typology could not be simpler, making functional programmers feel at home.

What development system do I need?

It is one of the points to consider. If you need to develop a complex app with API connections to external data and databases, as well as video game development, chances are you need a language as native as possible, in this Xamarin is perfect.

If you need to create a corporate app with your company information and a contact form, we recommend hybrid development such as Ionic Framework. Since this system will be much less expensive, both in time and in price. The same application in Xamarin for android and ios could have a budget cost of € 10,000, instead, the same application developed on iOS and Android with Ionic would be about € 2,500. We will advise you according to the type of idea you need to develop, for this you can leave us in the budget form all the details, a team of experts will evaluate your idea and the best way to develop it.

Xamarin Programming
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