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What are applications on demand?

Apps on demand are applications that function as an intermediary between customers and suppliers, apps that offer a fast and direct service to customers in exchange for a commission.

The app market is the technological niche with the greatest future. It should be noted that it is the largest increase in service portals, which offers visibility to companies in a particular sector.

In today's market, there are numerous examples of apps on demand which have been successful. One of the clearest examples is Uber, offering to connect users and drivers in exchange for a commission. Also, we can highlight food delivery applications such as Delivery.

The conversion of technology companies with the latest industrial revolution brings with it exponential growth. The companies which do not adapt to the latest market trends will be forced to close. Instead, we have seen examples of companies which do not stop growing, thanks to investment in app development.

development of apps on demand

App design company on demand

Mobile applications on demand are the future. The increase in the number of services offered by marketplace applications has become one of the main apps to develop in our company.

Examples of apps on demand:

  • Marketplace applications: applications to offer services or products on commission.
  • Taxi apps: one of the most requested on demand.
  • Logistics apps design: applications for shipping and package delivery.
  • Employment platforms: apps to search and publish jobs.
  • Development of home delivery apps: geolocation for restaurants which publish their menu. 
  • Retail: online stores, sell the products of their suppliers on commission.
  • Health apps: makes available to clients a directory of doctors classified by categories and location.
  • Classified ad platforms: applications which put users in contact for buying and selling second-hand products.

To conclude, these are some examples of applications developed on demand which are changing the world.

The future of applications is changing the way customers interact, do you want to be a part of it?

Application development solutions on demand

AppDesign. It is a mobile application development company on demand. Our expert on-demand application developers create custom mobile applications for entrepreneurs. Feel free to contact us at any time!
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