Web development company with Angular JS

Expert developers in programming with Angular JS

Angular is a Framework used to develop web applications

Web development with Angular JS

We create dynamic websites and interactive applications with the best development company Angular JS.

Angular JS is an open source JavaScript framework initially developed and currently managed by Google.

Sectors to work with Angular:

  • Banking and finance.
  • Health and fitness
  • E-learning and education.
  • E-commerce
  • Events
  • Reservations.
  • Business Platforms
Web development company with Angular JS

Angular freelance developer

We perform projects in AngularJS using UX/IU web design SEO optimized. We include personalized advice, consulting, maintenance and support.

Some of the technologies used in our company AppDesign. are suitable for different projects in Angular. Also we are developers with symfony 2 and web development with Node js.

Our software development services for companies with Angular JS, offers efficient business solutions.

Features used with Angular:

  • Development of Angular JS software.
  • SEO.
  • Creation of Angular JS dashboards.
  • Design of mobile applications with Angular JS.
  • Angular JS web applications.
  • Web application development with Angular JS.
  • Control panel integration with PHP Frameworks.
  • Database management: MySQL, MariaDB, Azure SQL.
  • Synchronization in the cloud with Angular: Google Cloud, Microsoft Azule, AWS.
  • Frontend and backend systems with integrated API connections.

We are able to develop any type of web application such as an ad portal, modules and plugins or business tools for companies.

Remote Angular Developer
freelance angular developer

Angular JS programming equipment in remote

Our agile programming system in Angular offers the best business solutions. We use customized tools to guarantee working times and quality each project in a personalized way.

Feel free to contact our AppDesign company at any time! We will tailor your product according to your needs.

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