10 ways to grow working online during COVID-19

be efficient working online
be efficient working online

A new digital era has begun since the beginning of the COVID-19 virus. The new economic order will create new online job opportunities and with it, new ways to grow by creating new projects online.

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Be efficient working from home

Since the beginning of the virus crown, the evolution that is transforming online businesses is in constant motion and is ready to enter the game. He has several active projects, online business ideas and a handful of potential clients to whom he can present his products and services online, it's a good time to become a freelancer.

Now that we have created the Web-page design or professional online store, you will ask yourself: What can you do to improve my online business even more? What did not work last year and what would you like to work on this time? What steps should you take to increase your income, attract more clients and win more online projects?

Here are 10 great ways to start taking small but meaningful steps toward financial independence working from home.

1.   Increase your independent prices and rates.  Go beyond charging minimal fees for your knowledge, skills, and experience; Your experience is more valuable than that.

2.   Invest in professional web development. Read business books, try new strategies, buy better equipment, enroll in online courses, and develop new skills for selling online. As a result, you will be able to add to your services new ways of selling, here, some ideas of online store design that work.

3.   Offer new or additional services. If you used to turn down search engine-optimized copy requests, imagine how happy customers will be when you add them to your list of services. You might also consider bundling your current services into an affordable bundle that new and repeat customers will have a hard time turning down.

4.   Take on bigger projects in the long run. Initially, small projects were very helpful in gathering feedback and building their reputation. Now, it's time to load up big guns and target bigger and longer projects.

5.   Marketing, promoting and spreading the word. Your independent business should not hide behind the four walls of your online profile. Market your services, promote online and offline, and spread the word. Some profitable ways to do it: business cards, social networks, blogs and word of mouth referrals.

6.   Build strong relationships with existing customers. This will encourage them to return for more business or refer you to other people. Strive to make each project a success and your work memorable.

7. Be creative when looking for freelance work. Look beyond your online services. If you're having trouble finding good projects to bid on, look for referrals on social media and by word of mouth. You may be surprised to learn that you can actually find great people to work remotely.

8.   Connect with other freelancers. Working alone can become lonely at times. Take time to attend online conferences, webinars, important events or small meetings or gatherings with other independent colleagues through remote tools. It is an excellent way to meet new people and bond with independent professionals in your field, being motivated at all times.

9. Similarly, connecting with freelancers is essential if you plan create your own team of freelancers . If your goal is bigger and more complex projects this year, it is essential to have your own team of freelancers to tackle the different aspects of the project. You can accept projects that require services outside of your experience, and the work is done in half the time. Something we have invested in from our agency this past year, bringing together work teams to develop complex applications.

10.   Hire services from independent developers. Beyond hiring freelancers to partner, you can also hire people to take care of work you don't want to spend too much time on. For example, virtual assistants, online consultancies, and translators are freelancers who you can hire to perform administrative tasks. Then you can focus your time and energy on personal and client projects that you are passionate about to continue growing.


11.   Reduce unnecessary costs. Monthly subscriptions, unpaid projects, excess office expenses - these additional costs may be the reason your business has not yet reached its full potential. Make a list of all the business costs you have incurred throughout the year and cut back on the services you don't need.

12.   Give back to the community. Working online is much more than just finding clients and earning money. It is a job that you are passionate about and could also help your community. You can create a useful app, share great tips, or contribute to a cause you believe in.

What strategies have you used to grow your business successfully? Share your experience with us, we will publish your story at the end of this article.

be efficient working online
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